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Bachelor of Architecture

Ansal University

Bachelors Degree
Architecture and Environment Science
Duration : 5 Years
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Course Description

The five year undergraduate programme in Architecture aims at attaining a high level of excellence in architectural design, supported by lateral inputs from other subjects. The students are exposed to a wide range of regular subjects and elective courses to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to deal with the regional, climatic, economic, technological and socio-cultural diversity of India, and the need for evolved solutions that are unique to their context.

  • To stimulate sensitivity and unveil creative talents
  • To reinforce intellectual capabilities and develop proficiency in professional skills to enable graduates to completely pursue alternative careers within the broad spectrum of architecture
  • To provide opportunities to students to try out the role they will eventually play as responsible members of society under supervision and interactive guidance

Each year of study at the school concentrates on a thematic base, addressed programmatically in the design studio and supported by theoretical understanding and related technological knowledge. Rural and urban settlement, social housing, community structure and cultural fabric, urban process and architecture of the city are some of the themes, connected with each other at various levels of the five year of study. The three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) form the underlying principle of learning at the school: a common thread through the years. Students are encouraged to develop their individual design approach with an understanding of making of architecture through the analysis of history of ideas, theories and cultural agendas, which constitute the base for an architectural outcome of a particular time. Faith in creative architecture thereof gets linked with the historical continuum in order to reinforce the process of introspection.

The First year curriculum includes studios for Architectural Design, Building Construction and materials, drawing and communication and practical courses for Model Workshop. The theoretical courses are History of Human settlements, Theory of Structures, History of Art and Climatology and Environmental Studies.

The Second year curriculum includes studios for Architectural Design, Building Construction and materials, drawing and communication in continuation with first year. The theoretical courses covered are Theory of Structures, Building services and History of Architecture.

The Third year, a practical course in Advanced Computer Application is added to the curriculum, along with the studios for Architectural Design, Building Construction and materials.  The Theoretical courses in the third year include Theory of Structures, Building services, History and Theory of Architecture along with Quantities, Specification, Estimation and Contract Management.

The Fourth year curriculum includes research work in the form of an individual dissertation. The design studio involves group housing or Urban Design and culminates the last semester in the form of an individual Design Thesis. Parallel to the Design, the final year students take a building construction studio and theoretical courses including Professional Practice and Contract Management, Town Planning and Theory of Structures.

The Fifth year comprises of Practical Training during which students undertake apprenticeship with a registered architect in any organisation which provides services related to habitat design and construction. The work includes assistance in design, preparation of construction drawings and documents, visits to construction works and attendance of meetings with clients/consultants.


10+2  with overall aggregate marks(50%) + Mathematics(Minimum passing marks) + NATA score

Admission to B.Arch Programme is based on the National Aptitude Test for Architecture and Secondary and Higher Secondary School Score (50 +50), which is as per norms of Council of Architecture. University Admits the candidates for B.Arch Programme based on the merit list prepared from the said score. Candidates from the Merit list according to the order of merit are called for counseling by the University. The candidates are called by the University till the sanctioned seats are filled.

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 5,50,000,
Includes : Tution Fee
Excludes : Admission Fee, Hostel Fee

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