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Master of Architecture (Built Heritage)

Ansal University

Masters Degree
Architecture and Environment Science
Duration : 2 Years
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Course Description

India has a long ongoing tradition of building that is reflected in its practices, knowledge systems and typologies. The vast resources from the past need to be contextualized in the present, demanding critical reflections on the question of what is heritage and its relevance in the present. Hence, there is a need for expertise in spatial concepts along with historical and present day political, social and cultural contexts, to engage with these questions that revolve around built heritage. The curriculum addresses the need of training such a professional, as it operates on a platform where students learn to understand, sustain and use built heritage through multi-perspective views and multi-discipline tools by means of project-based learning.

  • To build on critical thinking with respect to the what, why and how of built heritage; borrowing, testing and applying contemporary theory in cultural studies.This requires nurturing professionals who can identify the difference between the ‘ancient monument’ of the 19th-20th century and ‘built heritage’ which is the current terminology being used globally and in India over the recent decades.
  • To develop an approach that addresses ‘built heritage’ as a cultural process, in line with contemporary cultural theory rather than just a physical entity. This can be ensure by positioning Built Heritage as an inclusive methodology, placed and constructed in the present rather than being an expert driven process of ‘conserving’ architecture.
  • To draw on a large number of related disciplines such as history, sociology, anthropology, economics as well as architecture in dealing with built heritage by incorporating the content of the allied disciplines while maintaining the distinctiveness of the main.


Admission of students to the M. Arch. (BH) programme will be governed by the following regulations:

  • Minimum of 50% aggregate marks in a Bachelors of Architecture degree programme. (Weightage 50%)
  • Duly filled up form (online) along with a statement of Purpose of not more than 1000 words submitted at the admissions office.
  • An interview session for the shortlisted applicants along with a portfolio of work. (Weightage 50%)

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 1,20,000,
Includes : Tuition Fee
Excludes : Admission Fee, Hostel Fee etc

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