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Master of Science-Chemistry (M.Sc - Chemistry)

Shimla University

Himachal Pradesh
Masters Degree
Natural And Applied Science
Duration : 2 Years
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Course Description


An important goal of the chemistry program is to help you, the chemistry student, develop the skills of writing about chemistry; keeping laboratory records; and reporting the results of laboratory measurements, literature searches, and theoretical analysis. To help you develop these skills, the Chemistry Department requires a graduated series of writing exercises in the laboratory courses, culminating with the requirement of full, publication-like reports of experimental work carried out in the advanced lab courses. While the exact format of the full reports is left to the discretion of individual instructors, all formats will include at least the following parts: a brief abstract of the experimental project and its most important results; description of methods and materials; presentation of results, including tables and graphs of data; discussion and interpretation of results (including analysis of uncertainty), with appropriate conclusions drawn and justified; and list of references cited in the report. The aim of writing exercises in the lower-division courses is to build, step by step, the skills that you will need in order to write each part of a full report.


Pass with 50% (GEN) / 45% (SC/ST) aggregate marks in Bachelor's Degree (any Discipline with Chemistry)or equivalent.

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 21,400 Fee Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition fee
Excludes : Hostel fee and other fee

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