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Bachelor in Visuial Arts (BVA) - Painting

Acharya Institute Bangalore

Bachelors Degree
Profession and Arts
Duration : 4 years
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Course Description

The objective of the program is to introduce the Contemporary Art Theories and Art Histories of both Indian and western cultures. To engage students in Creative thinking, Visual thinking and cultural studies. To develop strong skills in drawing and Painting including other creative mediums of communication. To develop strong artistic sensibility to react to ones one surroundings, culture and history which reflects in his/her own creative out comes. To provide knowledge in Interdisciplinary Courses; through Elective subjects. To train students in latest digital technology, software and their applications which is very essential today.


Pass in 10+2 / Higher Secondary or equivalent recognized board or
council in any disipline.

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 103,480 1st year fee,
Includes : Tuition fee and eligibilty fee
Excludes : Registration and Hostel fee

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