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M.Sc. - Psychology

Acharya Institute Bangalore

Masters Degree
Duration : 2 years
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Psychology being the immense foundation of knowledge in exploring and discovering oneself and others has its own unique scope and advantages. At a graduate level the subject has its reservation almost in all the fields of the society mainly in the fields of clinic, corporate, applied, education and research. In the present challenging and changing environment its being more welcoming and has been in great demand in acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology. Moreover much emphasis is given in knowing oneself. Students have a great scope in acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology especially acquiring their masters in psychology. In India Psychology is an upcoming field and therefore a lot of attention is diverted especially in the fields like Forensic Psychology, criminology and research. Society has been welcoming a lot of job openings for psychology graduate


Candidates having degree with 40% in aggregate and 50% in Psychology

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 44,690 Per semester fee,
Includes : Tuition fee, eligibilty fee,Lab & miscelleanous fee
Excludes : Registration and Hostel fee

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