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Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Management

GPS Institute Of Agricultural Management

Post Graduate Diploma
Social Science
Duration : 1 year
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Course Description

In this residential programme Management here referred not just to the business ideology; otherwise conglomerate the entire facets of technological aspects of farming, from seed to harvest and beyond. This initiative is borne out of the strongly felt need of the farming sector. As a pioneer Agri. Management School, the training module is based on case method of teaching, which is used in most advanced management schools of India and Abroad. The pedagogical and learning processes have evolved as process of dynamics of possibilities and are provided in the continued part of this proposal. The institute fully focused in developing into any modern university standard, such that it’s graduates should fit to the enterprises next day to their completing training.

Instructional Techniques:

This is a full-time course of two semesters with on-field training and work experience. There are seven permanent instructor/managers who teach and coordinate as well as manage the farms and fields. The instructors work together to create the curriculum and to deliver the course through a variety of instructional techniques, as outlined below:

1. Field based (4 days per week on average)

Much of the learning in this program happens through the doing. Garden and field work provide time for ongoing instruction, practical demonstrations of  methods, structured work sessions, informal walks and talks, questions and answers, and observations before, during, and after work hours.

2. Lectures and Workshops

Whole group classes, lectures, and workshops provide the opportunity to disseminate core information to the entire group and to provide the theoretical background for the skills being taught in the fields. Visiting speakers/Adjunct Faculty, brought in to increase the range of topics covered, are drawn from the rich pool of agricultural scientists, extensionists, farmers, and Agriculturists from different parts of Karnataka and India.

3. Practical Skill Classes

The field and garden staff lead classes on site-specific topics such as irrigation, equipment, and plant groups. Faculty members also lead field/garden walks, discussions and demonstrations, allowing for students to have a more interactive learning experience. The objective is to infuse core and professional skills among the students.

4. Field Trips

During the program, students take field trips to different farm and garden operations. Opportunities abound for apprentices to organize their own informal field trips to interesting horticultural and agricultural sites in and around Bangalore area.

Eligibility Agriculture, Horticulture, Food Technology, Fishery, B.E. Agri, B.Sc Biotech Botany, Zeology, Life sciences with 45%, SC/ST 40%

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 2,00,000 (Total fee),
Includes : Tuition fee, hostel fee, Food, Exam,Uniform, Placement, Laundry
Excludes : Registration fee

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