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B.Sc in Culinary Arts

Chitkara University

Bachelors Degree
Hospitality and Tourism
Duration : 3 Years
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Course Description

While earning a B.Sc in Culinary Arts, you will develop advanced culinary skills that will prove invaluable in the workplace and forge a promising career post-graduation with practical restaurant experience and in-depth knowledge of the various cuisines of world cultures.

While earning your Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts you will learn firsthand how to plan, build, promote, and run a flourishing culinary business, as our curriculum hones in on the necessary business savvy needed in the modern food and restaurant industries. With the strong general education foundation at Chitkara College you will also gain critical computer and communication skills that are vital to success no matter what field you enter.

Open up a broad array of career options with our B.Sc degree in Culinary Arts program. While a student at Chitkara University,we will help you acquire:

  • Fundamental and advanced cooking skills that will prepare you for fine-dining kitchens and a variety of foodservice operations
  • Business savvy in financial, marketing, and personnel subjects that will allow you to confidently run and maintain a food-related business
  • In-depth knowledge of international cuisine that will equip you with an intimate understanding of Indian, Asian, and other types of cuisines
  • A solid foundation of general education that will enhance your communication and problem solving skills needed to succeed as a working professional
  • Real-world experience through internships at local, national, and international restaurants and establishments
    Whether your passion for food includes starting a new career, or advancing in your current one, a degree from Chitkara University can help make all the difference.


Xll passed (Any stream), Personal Interview

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 1,00,000 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition Fees
Excludes : Hostel and other fees

Rest Of world Student : 1,00,000 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition fees
Excludes : Hostel and other fees

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