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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Chitkara University

Bachelors Degree
Life Science Health
Duration : 4 Years
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Course Description

Since its inception, CCP has made conscious efforts to inculcate research aptitude in its students at all levels to keep them abreast of the requirements of the industry. The efforts are visible in the sizeable number of publications at both national and international level that the College has generated. Through the years, CCP has been able to establish strong bonds with the industry at local as well as national level for training and placement activities.

The Pharmaceutical Sector and CCP

The subject of pharmacy has evolved as a multidisciplinary, multifaceted curriculum with the emergence of the concept of “global healthcare”. Its involvement is deep and it has an important role in discovery of new drug molecule; its evaluation in clinical settings; development; approval for human consumption; manufacture; distribution; regulatory controls; and several other important aspects of healthcare.

Working in harmony with other members of the healthcare sector is crucial to ensure that pharmacists play an important role and social relevance of pharmacist in the healthcare system of any country is established. Hence, the curriculum at Chitkara College of Pharmacy (CCP) has been framed taking into consideration the responsibility of students to meet the demands of hi-tech pharmaceutical industry, at the same time ensuring that they confidently serve the requirements of patient care and pharmacy practice. The quality education and industry oriented approach makes Chitkara College of Pharmacy the first choice of students, making it to be the top b pharmacy colleges in Punjab and Chandigarh.


Xll passed with minimum aggregateof 50% (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Maths as compulsory subjects) ! Personal Interview

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Indian Student : 70,000 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition fee
Excludes : Hostel Fee and other fee

Student : ,
Includes :
Excludes :

Rest Of world Student : 70,000 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition fee
Excludes : Hostel Fee and other fee

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