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M.Design (Interior & Furniture)

Lovely Professional University

Masters Degree
Profession and Arts
Duration : 2 Years
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Course Description

Focusing more on research and experimentation along with the exposure to live projects to meet industry demands 

Salient Features

Skill Development

Focus is to provide functional knowledge of professional design practices and processes involving intellectual property issues such as design registers.

Study Tours

Study tours are an integral part of curriculum with visitation of architectural and prominent sites provides maximum exposure to learn technicalities of architecture.

Software Skills

Curriculum is equipped with 21st century digital technologies in design extended by the deployment of laser cutters, digital 3D printers and scanners.

Research Orientation

Hands on experience in problem solving pertaining to the function, quality, and effect of specific real life projects.

Live Projects

Hands on experience by working on live projects to develop a sense of problem solving, critical thinking in order to gain real life understanding.

Industry Immersion

Hands-on studio program with advanced simulation work as well as intensive seminars and lectures from professionals that familiarize students with many theoretical debates, issues, case studies and methodologies.

Professional Enhancement

In addition to core curricula, course offers subjects like communication and soft skills to enhance personality and employability.

Career Prospects

Primary Prospects

Students can become successful entrepreneurs by starting their own consultancy in interior design and furniture house

Secondary Prospects

Various professional assignments can be conceived, developed and implemented by students as Professional Model makers and 3D Visualizes in interior and furniture industry

Tertiary Prospects

Opportunities include pursuing higher studies in reputed universities in India and abroad


Pass  in B.Arch. or B.Sc. (Interior Design) or B.Design (Interior) or B.Construction Management or B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) or equivalent and ELR.OR Pass with Bachelor Degree(any Stream) along with 2 year work experience in Interior Decoration Field, subject to qualifying Interview

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 64,500 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition Fees
Excludes : Hostel and other fees

Rest Of world Student : $2250 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition Fees
Excludes : Hostel and other fees

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