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M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

Lovely Professional University

Masters Degree
Engineering and Technology
Duration : 2 Years
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Course Description

A four semester program, to enable graduate students to pursue doctoral studies or professional employment, through imparting in depth knowledge in specific domain of Biotechnology along with one semester independent research project.

Salient Features

Knowledge Enhancement

The curriculum of this course lays strong emphasis on the the theoretical and applied aspects of biotechnology, genetic engineering and bioinformatics.


Subject in areas of Cloning, Fermentation Technology and Molecular Biotechnology provide students with the advance knowledge and emerging trends in these areas.


Project courses are incorporated in the curriculum to provide research and hands on experience to students in problem identification, laboratory work, data analysis and interpretation.

Professional Enhancement

In addition to core curricula, course offers subjects like analytical and soft skills to enhance personality and employability.

Holistic Development

Participation in technical events, conferences, workshops, sports and cultural activities help in the holistic development of students

Career Prospects

Primary Prospects

Higher studies can be pursued in order to attain research positions.

Secondary Prospects

Students can become Junior Production Officer and Technical Assistant in biotechnology, pharmaceutical Companies, bio fertilizer industry, aquaculture industries, environmental units, crop production units, food processing industries, national bio-resource development firms, banking and KPO.

Tertiary Prospects

Entrepreneurship ventures such as consultancy, coaching institutes and training centres can be opened.


Pass in Bachelors degree (With Apllied Medical Science/ Medical Science & Allied Medical /Agriculture/ Nano Technology/ Biosciences/ Life Science/ Food sciences./  Veterinary Microbiology & Parasitology/ Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology/ Public Health & Allied Sciences/ Plant Science) or equivalent and ELR.

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 54,500 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition Fees
Excludes : Hostel and other fees

Rest Of world Student : $1,950 Per Semester,
Includes : Tuition Fees
Excludes : Hostel and other fees

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