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B.A. (Honors) Geography & Geopolitical Studies

Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Bachelors Degree
Social Science
Duration : 3 Years
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Course Description

“Master Geography to pay no attention to boundaries”

The programme recognizes the value of geography to society and emphasizes the importance of communicating this. Throughout the course students learn how to get their message across in a variety of ways and become effective communicators, addressing diverse audiences such as companies, organizations and communities. This combination of subject knowledge, external impact and communication produces rounded, confident geographers ready to enter a variety of growing areas of employment.

The aim of the B.A. / B.Sc (Hons) Geography and Geopolitical Studies programmed is to equip students with firm foundation of knowledge in advanced version of Geopolitical Studies is a unique, multidisciplinary programmed, offering the students a chance to learn from academic authorities and experts in this field. The programme analyses and explores various and often inter-related processes that shape the global geopolitics and geo-economics, focusing on the geostrategic ally important regions and on the cutting-edge theoretical concepts. Modules may include topics on rivers, sustainability, environmental modeling, the physical environment, the politics of climate change, the making of the modern city, political geography and geopolitics, economic geography, coastal and estuarine environments, environmental hazards and energy resources. These set of skills are much valued by employers and hence graduates of economics play a vital role in organizations.


Eligibility Criteria
Any candidate who has passed HSC (10 + 2) exam from any stream with English as passing subject and secured minimum 50% marks at 12 STD.

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 62200 Per Annum,
Includes : Tuition fee
Excludes : Hostel fee and Other fee

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