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Master of Science in Geology

BFIT Group of Institutions

Masters Degree
Natural And Applied Science
Duration : 2 Years
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Course Description

M.Sc. Geology is a two year regular postgraduate degree program affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central Government University. Geology is concerned with the Earth, geological materials, processes and structures, as well as the study of the history of the Earth and of life on Earth within a temporal framework. It focus on understanding the physical structure of the Earth, both above and below its surface. This can involve unlocking the secrets of ancient rock formations, investigating the properties of valuable mineable resources or understanding the tectonic processes that cause earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.


The candidate should be passed the Bachelors examination from any recognized University or its equivalent examination.

Fees Structure

Indian Student : 90,000 (Total fees),
Includes : Tuition fees
Excludes : Prospectus Rs.500/- (To be paid once) Registration Fee Rs.3000/-(To be paid once) Campus Fee Rs.6500/-(To be paid once) Library Rs.3000/- (Per Year) Other Charges (Uniform, Lab Practical, Seminars etc.) Rs.8500/-(To be paid once), Transportation Fee, Laundry Charges

Student : ,
Includes :
Excludes :

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