Acharya Institute Bangalore



  • State: Karnataka
  • City: Bangalore


Acharya’s growth is largely based on its penchant for Quality in every aspect of its functioning. Right from the infrastructure and facilities, it is this love to provide the best to its students, that has taken Acharya to great heights. In order to ensure escalated and sustained implementation of quality across all activities, Acharya has strategically formed the ‘Quality Implementation Centre’ (QUICAI - pronounced ‘Quick-Eye’) with a clear mandate and mission to ensure implementation of all quality initiatives.


“To incubate sustainable Quality in Acharya Institutes, enabling progressive spread of academic ambience, resulting from Continuous Quality Improvement that gets embedded into all systems with a faculty-student centric approach”.

Not just a Mission, its implementation is an ongoing process through a carefully put-together Committee, comprising of Faculty Nominees of Principals and Quality Clusters formed at Department levels. The activities are coordinated by a Head of QUICAI and an Executive Secretary. This Team follows-up and monitors implementation and empowers Institutions through time-targeted Quality Initiatives and Guidelines. While QUICAI Members from each Institution operate and integrate all data and information of their Institutions, they are also empowered to access information and monitor non-conformance periodically in the QUICAI reviews.

Implementation is the key and Sustenance of Quality is the Mandate of QUICAI.


Growing Stature of Acharya

  • 120 acres of WiFi Campus
  • 13 Educational Institutions
  • 15 research centers
  • Nearly 100 programs in over 50 Academic Streams
  • Over 12,000 students for 70 countries
  • 1000+ teaching, technical and administration staff
  • Affiliated to VTI, BU, RGHUS and KSLU
  • Approved by AICTE, Council of Architecture, KSNC, INC, NCTE, PCI and Bar Council of India
  • NBA, NAAC accredited
  • Technical and Academic association with leading industry and corporate
  • Collaboration with many academic and research organizations
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